corporate wellness

Nutrition Education for a healthier team

Choose between a handful of helpful and actionable nutrition topics for a single Lunch & Learn presentation, or dive into Therese's 8-week course that tackles the foundational components of nutrition and fitness to support:

  • Sustainable change in the health of your team
  • Elevated job performance
  • Improved quality of life

Group Presentations & Semi-Private Sessions 

My Corporate Wellness programs are 4-6 weeks, and include educational presentations or semi-private sessions on nutrition, meal planning, and lifestyle optimization. You don't have to choose between health and work -- your team can contribute at their highest levels and feel AMAZING at the same time! 


Coverage of the root causes of poor energy, fatigue, indigestion, weight loss, weight gain, chronic disease, and inflammation

Meal Planning

Education on supplements, macronutrients, and micronutrients, and how to plan your meals for balanced nutrition

Lifestyle Optimization

Preventative modalities and treatments for various conditions; may customize and extend support depending on group goals