Stabilize MORE than just your blood sugars

You can master Type 1 nutrition + fitness + mental resilience WITHOUT being consumed with blood sugar control.

Discover how to balance your physical and mental health so you can live a healthy, energized life with type one diabetes -- click below to get started!

mission & values

More control with fewer rules.

Your life is not meant to be so preoccupied by perfect blood sugars, nor does it need to be. You can live well, energized, healthy, and happy without the constant concern.

Blood sugars seem to take center stage in so many programs I see online, and while they are IMPERATIVE to understand when it comes to your body, there are foundational concepts of nutrition, movement, and lifestyle that play vital roles in your health as well.

When I was first diagnosed with Type 1, I felt so misled with dietary recommendations and poor advice around insulin, sugar, and exercise that made me believe there was no way to control blood sugars and that it's "just the nature of the disease" to have so many problems...

After a lot of research, work with clients, and some trial and error, I have discovered how to find lifestyles that work for me AND my clients. I will help you find the one that works for you -- a lifestyle that incorporates foods you still love, activities that make you feel alive, and health hacks that optimize your mind, body, and spirit.

My holistic approach will show you how to:

  • Eat to nourish your body, without guilt or shame
  • Move with confidence, not fear
  • Think compassionately, instead of judgmentally

You have been given this incredibly unfortunate diagnosis, but you do NOT have to let it run your life.

work with me

Nutrition Coaching & Consultation

I help folks with type 1 diabetes actually UNDERSTAND nutrition, insulin, exercise and their bodies to create fulfilling lives with lasting health and longevity without strict food rules and fears.

Unlike others, I don’t exclusively hyper-focus on calories and macronutrients or quick tips and tricks, but instead provide long-term assistance and education of food and body as a whole so one can eat confidently looking at their plate and listening to their body.


Get the specific guidance you need with a packages that includes the levels of accountability, follow-up, and personalization that is optimal for your lifestyle and goals

Group Programs

Learn the nutrition hacks and tools that apply to nearly everyone with the support of a tight and supportive community

Corporate Wellness

Support your team to operate at their highest levels (and feel amazing while they do it!) with educational sessions on nutrition, meal-planning, and lifestyle optimization

About Me.

Hi! I'm Therese, a Registered Dietitian and Certified Personal Trainer, living an active, fulfilling life with Type I Diabetes.  I am on a mission to continually optimize health for myself and my clients, focusing on ways to heal the gut microbiome and decrease inflammation.

In my spare time you can find me throwing a barbell around at CoreFit, running trails, boxing, and playing LOTS of sand volleyball when the weather permits...


It all begins in the gut.

Keeping your gut microbiome healthy requires so much more than just taking a probiotic and drinking kombucha!

I really believe people do not know how good they can feel. We are so used to living in an over-stimulated, over-caffeinated, over-worked, under-slept, under-nourished state that we have developed a new idea of normal.

I am here to tell you I can help you recover from this state of being by restoring your health from the inside out.

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