Stop tracking, start healing, and discover what trusting your body can FEEL like once and for all. 

Ever feel like you have all the DESIRE to listen to your body when it comes to food, movement, and rest, but you just don't trust....  

1. Your ability to listen to it

2. That it is communicating accurately?

If so, I bet you track your food meticulously, or you've thrown your hands up hoping things "work out"- talking yourself through continued discomfort in your body and persistent confusion around nutrition. 

I've been there.

The good news: It's possible to eat well,  love yourself,  and thrive without diets and food journals or giving up trying altogether.

Discover how to nourish and heal your body so you can begin to trust it again. Get started below!

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Nutrition Coaching & Consultation

I help women create a life where nutrition is no longer a stressful, confusing preoccupation but a natural, intuitive process when they heal the body and mind without strict food rules and fears.

Unlike others, I don’t hyper-focus on calories and macronutrients or quick tips and tricks, but instead provide long-term assistance and education of food and body as a whole so one can eat confidently looking at their plate and listening to their body.

My process includes four phases that help with the psychological and physiological influences around dietary choices, while expanding on knowledge, skills, and abilities to apply recommendations that support vitality with a positive relationship to food.


Get the specific guidance you need with a packages that includes the levels of accountability, follow-up, and personalization that is optimal for your lifestyle and goals. Insurance options available!

Group Programs

Utilize my foundational concepts around health and apply my game-changing skills and tools to heal your body and become more intuitive with your intake alongside a tight and supportive community

 Business Wellness Series

Support your team to operate at their highest levels (and feel amazing while they do it!) with educational sessions on nutrition, meal-planning, and lifestyle optimization. *Now offering Meal Planning Classes*

Have Insurance? 

Many health insurance companies have great coverage for nutrition counseling sessions!

Use this link to book with me through Nourish, a company I work through that takes many plans!

About Me-

Hi! I'm Therese, a Registered Dietitian and Certified Personal Trainer in Spokane, WA on a mission to help women struggling with body trust and the overwhelm of nutrition dial in strategies to create a better relationship with food and heal the body to make eating enjoyable and intuitive.

Over the years, I have struggled a lot with my own relationship with food and body - battling an eating disorder for many years shortly after getting diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when I was fourteen, coupled with the immense pressures to manipulate my body to look a certain way.

My research, personal experience, and many years of experience working to untangle and rewire narratives around health and body have led me to this passionate place.

In my spare time you can find me throwing a barbell around at the gym, hiking, reading for my 17 book clubs, cooking, doing yoga, and playing LOTS of sand volleyball when the weather permits.

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Increase nourishment, create clarity, and restore your nutrition intuition.

mission & values

Break away from the stress of eating, and BE someone that can TRUST their body's needs.

Ever feel like there's this mentality of "I can't stop at 'x' amount", "I'll over-eat if I don't portion out", or "I need to know what I am eating to make sure I hit  'x' calories/macronutrients"? 

If you think about it, this is ultimately an indicator that you don't TRUST your body to communicate what it needs, right? 

Or maybe you're not tracking - your relationship with food has improved, but you're STILL finding yourself struggling with some physical ailments, sporadic hunger cues, and you lack knowledge/understanding of HOW to incorporate healthier foods in and WHAT that looks like in a balanced lifestyle. 

I have been navigating balancing the complicated worlds of eating disorder recovery + nutrition + type 1 diabetes + fitness + holistic health for a LONG time.

 It is a journey to establish WHAT that healthy balance of "eating well + giving full permission to eat all foods + exercising + not OVER-exercising" looks like. 

What I see time and again is the better bodies are functioning, the more clear the communication is to self with what their needs are

Meaning, if you have gut distress, anxiety, nutrient deficiencies, inflammation, and/or other metabolic dysfunctions- your body is going to have a harder time getting clear on what it needs, leaving YOU at a place of confusion and leading to MORE distrust. 

The more time you can spend NOURISHING your body, the better the communication, and the more natural it will feel to build trust in yourself.

I've seen digestion improve, cycles regulate, and metabolic markers like cholesterol, blood sugars, and triglycerides improve through these steps. 

Knowing HOW foods affects EVERYTHING in your body and working to IMPROVE that functioning, will lead to YOU feeling better and more intuitive. 

Just CONSIDER a life where you can trust your intuition with what your body needs physically and emotionally.

A life where you feel confident choosing foods that nourish your body AND soul WITHOUT restrictive tendencies. 

Mmmm. How beautiful is that life? 

It is SO MUCH MORE than "eat this, not that".

My integrative approach will show you how to:

  • EAT to nourish your body without guilt or shame
  • BUILD your database of foods with balance
  • IDENTIFY discrepancies in your health 
  • MOVE with empowerment, not fear
  • THINK compassionately, not judgmentally