November 1


E 14 A Picturesque Take on Healing your Sh*t

YA’LL. Listen in to today’s chat with Gina Graham, LCSM for a discussion that will give you some goosebumps around thought-provoking reflections regarding self and body love, creating curiosity around roots of behavior regarding relationship with food and body, and discover HOW you can live in a world that continues to feed a problematic narrative.

This conversation with Gina lit me UP and gave me so much inspiration. The way she talked about utilizing photography as a complementary tool to her therapy as a social worker specializing in eating disorders was just … so good.

Mmm Mmm! Listen in.

Gina D. Graham is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the Western Suburbs of Chicago specializing in Eating Disorders, Body Image, Depression, Anxiety, and Women’s Issues. Gina is also a passionate portrait photographer, photographing teen portraits and portraits of women to empower them and show them their natural and unique beauty. Gina has developed a unique blend of using portrait photography in therapy and offering time-limited sessions to focus on and improve body image. Gina also recently published a book called Body Beautiful; How Changing the Conversation About Our Bodies Has the Power to Change the world.

The book is a collection of stories, art, quotes, information, and inspiration to challenge cultural messages for girls and women about body, weight and appearance and inspire them to focus on what they are here to do in the world.

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Remember nothing you hear on the Eating Between the Lines Podcast should be taken as medical advice. Please consult your physician before making changes to your care.


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