February 16


E20 Digestive Health and Distress – considerations, causes, and solutions!

Join me today on the pod while I go over the foundations of the digestive system and breakdown how knowing what each phase does can help in identifying discrepancies in your GI Tract.

From reflux, to constipation, to bloating, SIBO, IBD, IBS, and diarrhea…. I am breaking down my top considerations and remedies for you to chat with your health care practitioner about

I find people are so often completely lost with digestive ailments – they don’t know what is normal, what is problematic, what is just something “to live with”, what requires super intense elimination diets and what can actually be helped with a few VERY effective interventions!

per usual, everything you hear on the EBTL podcast is meant for educational purposes only. Please consult your healthcare provider before making any changes to your care.

Now lets get into it!


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