April 24


E25: Can you Trust Anti-Diet Dietitians? Concerns, criticisms, and legitimate considerations

Disclaimer: I am a dietitian – and NO this pod is not all about defending ALL dietitians. 😉 It is about gaining clarity and perspective on why what you see in the media or what you hear from you neighbor – may actually have a little *Nuance* AND to give you a behind the scenes look at the layers considered when improving ones dietary habits.

Join me today as I cover a topic I have been wanting to DIG into for a while but just got a nice catalyst nudge from the recent Washington Post article discussing the anti-diet movement…

I find that there is a LOT of distrust with dietitians out thereand I want to help ya’ll get behind the scenes so you can gain more clarity around WHY this “NONSENSE” is out there 😉

This may be one of my MOST important podcasts to date. Whether you love dietitians and/or the anti-diet approach or have massive skepticism around it all – it is a must listen for a breakdown of it all.


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