September 7


Fitting the Body Mold

When was the last time you got into a big crowd of people- like BIG CROWD- and observed all of the people… without judging bodies or outfits? 

Or even like… comparing yourself?

Or attempting to catch yourself judging- and shift it into observation?

There is this fair/festival/gathering thing that happens every labor day weekend in Spokane. It’s called “Pig out in the Park”.

Basically, there are a ton of food trucks with all the deep fried fixings you can picture, in addition to some funky flavor blends of all sorts and music on a handful of stages in downtown Spokane.

It's wild.

And huge.

Like, I had no idea how many people this drew but.. its massive.

I have lived in Spokane for about 10 years now, and I have been to this very well-known event a total of 1.5 times. The half being when I ran through it last Friday morning at 8 am.

Not being a super-fan of the food, nor a general fan of big crowds, but being a bored person very near-by after a camping trip over labor day weekend, my sweetie and I ventured down for an evening.

We sat in front of this concert that had a TON of traffic walking on a path in front of the stage and I just couldn’t stop thinking about people.

Honestly, about bodies. Just looking at all the different bodies and outfits, and PEOPLE there were.

Then thinking like.. hold up.

How. In. the. Fucking. WOLRD- were we to BELIEVE there is a MOLD to fit that would be THE MOST ATTRACTIVE…

When there are ALL of these BEAUTIFUL people of all shapes and sizes in the world?


Then we are marketed NONSTOP to buy products, programs, etc to literally manipulate our bodies to fit the “mold” that will lead to … more happiness?


Is that even true confidence if it’s just because we are told that particular look is attractive?

Wouldn’t confidence come far more easily if you just NATURALLY felt good in your skin vs fitting into this design that others TOLD you is attractive?

I mean, I found myself attracted to SO MANY PEOPLE that were walking by. It makes me upset, angry, and honestly a bit happy to see it.

I’m upset and angry about my own conditioning of what beauty is…

and I was happy and humbled to witness the SCOPE that it CAN be and IS right in front of me...

At none other than on a lawn … in front of a small band … in downtown Spokane, on labor day weekend, at “Pig Out in the Park”. 

If you are like me, and aren’t super into crowds and people, but struggle with this concept of beauty…

I encourage you to find other ways to see the vast array of individuals out there.

Really take time to witness the uniqueness of individual beauty vs judging them or yourself against this other ideal.

You can “see” on the socials or internet as much as you can...

but really, there’s something about the real deal that makes it so much more tangible.

And when something is tangible, the way it resonates makes a much greater difference to one’s own thoughts and behavior.

So if you’re like me… again... getting sucked into the narrative of what makes someone “beautiful” …

open those eyes and look around and find that tangible beauty that surrounds us BECAUSE of ALL of us.

And seriously, fuck the mold.


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