August 27

S1 E10 Establishing Empathy in the World of Health and Wellness with Bridget Wood, Rd, CDE


Come listen to this rich and juicy chat I had with Bridget Wood, fellow T1D, dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator, and fighter of the good health and wellness battle  we all are navigating in this world. She and I dive into some very interesting topics around how food is now often being used as a scapegoat for health outcomes, the value and challenges with continuous glucose monitors, navigating narratives as a dietitian and T1D in diet culture, finding appropriate practitioners, and the importance of empathy for all on their individual health journeys.

Whether you have T1D, other chronic conditions, finding hardships navigating relationship with food, or working on your own empathetic angle for others working on their challenges with blood sugars, particularly as a professional in the field, this is a definite listen!

Bridget Wood is a T1D registered dietitian and certified diabetes care and education specialist living in Northern Nevada. When she’s not busy helping people heal their relationship with food, developing recipes, or public speaking she enjoys hiking, spending time with family, and educating the masses about diabetes



diabetes, diet culture, food freedom, health, nutrition, type 1 diabetes, wellness

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