September 19


S1 E11 Find Yourself, Find Your Health – With Laura Aura

Health and nutrition are much more than eat this not that… When we put so much pressure on the BEHAVIOR without UNDERSTANDING the WHY behind it, it can feel like we are continuing to just be our own worst enemy on the hamster wheel of struggles with body and health.

Laura Aura, alignment coach, host of the very popular podcast: The Gusty Podcast, and CEO of Worx and Co was extremely thought-provoking and a huge delight to chat with as we dove into highly relatable topics in the realm of improving your health by FIRST identifying belief systems that are compromising your health, SHIFTING your patterns, AND how to start doing that.

These tools translate into much more than just nutrition but are extremely helpful as one continues their journey discovering their own knowing of what being true to them ACTUALLY looks like outside of all the should and pressures we get wired to believe throughout our whole life.

Listen in to discover ways you can find yourself more because by doing that, you’ll get closer to finding your truest health.



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